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3 Ways to Stay Connected to Nature During the Pandemic

While people are asked to stay close to home, there are many ways you can connect with nature — from your own backyard or local walking trails to basking in the beauty of wildflower photography.

Need a New Pandemic Project? Become a Citizen Scientist.

Did you know there are naturalist websites and apps that accept submissions from average citizens? You simply record the natural world that’s happening outside your window — such as the flowers blooming in your yard — and share your findings with scientists worldwide for their research and observations. Cool, right?

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Climate Change and Support Conservation

From examining your driving habits to reducing your carbon footprint to voting, there are many easy ways to battle climate change and make a positive impact on conservation efforts. Don’t feel like you have to do it all; start with one or two things and build from there.

This Couple Is Changing the World With Art That Inspires Action

When people find beauty in something, they often fall in love with it and want to protect it. Conservation photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter spent three decades capturing the fragile beauty of wildflowers. Now, they’re sharing their images with the world to inspire us all to take action against climate change and help save our native species.

What’s Missing From the Climate Change Picture? Wildflowers.

The general public has heard lots about polar bears, melting ice caps, and at-risk bees. What they often don’t realize, though, is that wildflowers can also be victims of climate change, along with the lives that depend on them.

Want to Save Pollinators? Protect and Plant Wildflowers.

The plight of the bee has received lots of good press in recent years, but what’s too often missing from that conversation is the crucial role wildflowers play in the natural world.
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